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The new standard, is your organization ready?


Does your team have the right equipment and tools to make working remote a breeze?


Is your organization prepared to handle an influx of remote connections and does your staff have a solid way of connecting?


There is more to "just" connecting, provide a secure, redundant connection with the latest technology.


Maybe it's time to move to the cloud and start saving?

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One of the biggest challenges of working from home is setting up a home office with the right tools, but once you've got everything in place, it's easier to get your work done.  

Even if you don't have a ton of space or a dedicated room to turn into a home office, you can still have a comfortable and productive work-from-home setup. All you need is a table, chair, and a few key pieces of tech.


We've compiled this handy list of the best work-from-home tech to help you increase your productivity. The main tech essentials everyone needs to work remotely are reliable internet and a laptop, but we also recommend getting a monitor so you have a bigger screen to work from as well as a decent keyboard and mouse. With these gadgets, you'll feel much more comfortable working than you would if you had to squint over your small laptop screen all day.

One sometimes-overlooked benefit is the availability of cloud computing. Rather than a business suffering downtime and a potential data loss due to a hardware failure, services in the cloud are typically available 99.99% of the time, with networked backups across multiple Availability Zones ensuring the accessibility and integrity of data.

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Remote Office


Our vetted and tested hardware 

guaranteeing stability and performance.



Let us assist with setting up your remote webinars, meetings and training your staff, all via remote. 



Network & System verification for responsive and secure end user connections VPN, ZTN.



Microsoft Teams, Slack, Asana

setup and configuration ongoing managed support. 

Data Cloud


Run hybrid with some systems and functionality at your office or migrate entirely to the cloud.

Monitoring Room


Monitoring and Troubleshooting before you run into problems, network uptime watchguard.

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